Son Lux announce ‘Tomorrows III’ & share single “A Different Kind of Love”

Son Lux have announced details of the third and final volume of their three-part album, Tomorrows. Tomorrows III will be released digitally on April 16th via City Slang. They have also shared its first single, “A Different Kind of Love.” They have also confirmed details of the long awaited physical release of Tomorrows for July 30th.

At the start of “A Different Kind of Love” bell tolls of a detuned guitar clang out a warning. “I need a different kind of love,” Ryan Lott sings, but what reads as a self-serving plea turns on its head as the song becomes a confession. “What loudly righteous prayers from this coward’s lungs,” Lott sings in the final moments, in what feels like an admission of the many things that are said to be done in love that hurt others.

Listen to “A Different Kind of Love” below:

Tomorrows III tracklist:

1. Unbind
2. A Different Kind of Love
3. Upend
4. Plans We Make [feat. Kadhja Bonet]
5. Glimmer
6. Come Recover
7. Sever [feat. Holland Andrews]
8. The Hour
9. Embrace
10. Vacancy [feat. Kiah Victoria]

Photo credit: Djeneba Aduayom
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