Son Lux share new video for “A Different Kind of Love”

With the third and final volume of their ambitious three-part album, Tomorrows set for release this Friday, April 16th via City Slang, Son Lux have shared a new video for single “A Different Kind of Love“.

The accompanying video was created by Four/Ten Media and featuring choreographer/dancer Kyle Marshall. Co-director Evan Chapman commented: “After early conversations with the band, we approached our narrative storytelling in the music video for “A Different Kind of Love” (and “Upend”) in the same manner that Son Lux does so within their music; adhering to the method of building a house around a chair instead of furnishing an existing structure from the ground up. Using the ‘Tomorrows’ trilogy album artwork (organic rocks stuck inside stark, minimalist spaces and pierced in some way by beams of light) as our “chair” around which to construct a house, we started to dream up our version of a “folk tale” that centered around our hero, choreographer/dancer and longtime collaborator Kyle Marshall, rising from the rubble of a previously destroyed hovering – almost celestial – rock.

Because the visual motif of a beam of light piercing through rocks and rooms is so fundamental to the album artwork, we knew we wanted to incorporate that in some way in the video. We are heavily influenced by the work of Anthony McCall’s “solid-light” installations, which use heavy haze to give a tactile physicality to projected geometric shapes.

Watch the music video for “A Different Kind of Love” below:

Press credit: Djeneba Aduayom
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