Song Premiere: Bellman – “Just Like A Dream”

Bellman is a Norwegian dream pop singer/songwriter whose debut album, Mainly Mute, was a breakout hit in 2009, featuring the popular single “Spaceship, Move Slow.”

Born Arne-Johan Rauan and hailing from Larvik, Norway, the singer/songwriter recently dropped his fourth album, called MORPHOLOGY (2017), and one of the anthems, “Can You Feel It?”, recently scored a prestigious sync in the trailer for John Cameron Mitchel’s new movie How To Talk To Girls At Parties.

Today we’ve the pleasure to bring you Belllman’s atmospheric and lush new single “Just Like A Dream”, a distinctive and minimalist dream-pop piece that will work on you like an addiction.

Listen to the new single below:

Photo Credit: Line Loholt
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