SUUNS share new single “Clarity”

With their new album The Witness out on September 3rd via Joyful Noise Recordings, Montreal trio SUUNSBen Shemie, Joe Yarmush, and Liam O’Neill – have shared their new single “Clarity“.

Speaking about the “Clarity”, Ben Shemie said: “This song is the sun that our record orbits around. It’s an introspective jam full of ambition and restraint. One might call it a departure for the band, but more likely it is us finding ourselves.

Adding on to this, Liam O’Neill commented: “We worked on “Clarity” after we had set the stage with its sister songs, “Third Stream” and “Go To My Head”, and we were feeling so comfortable in that slow, expansive sense of time that this song felt comparatively spritely, easy and hands-off. We let the drum machine play, we let Mathieu Charbonneau’s DX-7 do its thing, Erik Hove’s saxophone the ineluctable cherry on top; we weren’t afraid to leave space and let the melody guide the song. It’s the most natural sounding expression of what we were going for on this record.”

Listen to “Clarity” below:

Photo credit: Will Lew
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