Tancred Unveils New Single “Queen Of New York”

Tancred as unveiled the latest single from her forthcoming new album Nightstand, out June 1st on Polyvinyl Record Co. “Queen of New York” debuts today via a brand new Shervin Lainez directed music video.

Jess Abbott (aka Tancred) shares further that “the song is primarily about the internal reflection the next day, but I also wanted to include the smallest impression of moments therein where you really connect with someone in an emotional way, even if you both know it’s just for the night.” Tancred is currently wrapping up a spring tour with Julien Baker.

Nightstand is an album born out of an unexpected revelation Abbott experienced following her transformation into a more confident person, one full-throatedly declared on 2016’s plucky Out of the Garden. “After I became comfortable in this new skin, in truly being myself, I was immediately hit with loneliness,” she reveals. “I realized that human connection is really important to me.” And so Abbott began a new journey of personal exploration, one that involved connecting with other people just as much as connecting with herself. “I was reading a lot of books, learning a lot of new hobbies, meeting so many new people — just taking in as much information as possible to try and figure out what it really meant to me to be alive,” she recalls.

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez
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