The Black Angels – Death Song

The Black Angels - Death Song

The Black Angels - Death Song (Partisan Records) 2017


The Black Angels have been accused of revivalism, there was even those who called their music pretentious. Their take on psychedelic rock was never a rehashing of an old “formula”, but their new album is undeniably above and beyond anything they’ve previously delivered.

Death Song might very well be their biggest and boldest statement yet. With frontman and lyricist Alex Maas being pushed towards something bigger, the album reflects on current America with a sharp and witty perspective that translates into a cohesive piece filled with double or triple speaks that weave all the different threads together.

The undeniably importance and vitality of their message is matched with their most dynamically appealing sonic performance, meshing together a myriad of different sounds, approaches, and moods into a surprisingly entrancing experience for the listener.

Words: Tiago Moreira
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