The Color Morale – Desolate Divine


The Color Morale - Desolate Divine (Fearless Records) 2016


Trying to explore new sound territories is always a bold statement. Expanding their creative pallet in order to search for new dynamics to match their poetic aggression and their lyrical message was something quite challenging for them, but overall the result is not impressive but quite good. Desolate Divine is a confident effort, emotionally strong that keeps The Coral Morale signature breakdowns along with big and infectious riffs, contrasting heavy full-throttle assault with clean and sometimes repetitive BMTH That’s the Spirit vocal style. Too much polished but strangely addictive, Desolate Divine is a change, but also a step forward into the band’s own identity, somehow seems they set the foundations for the next chapter.

Words by Fausto Casais
For Fans Of: The Word Alive, Blessthefall, Bring Me The Horizon
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