The Hotelier – Goodness


The Hotelier - Goodness (Tiny Engines) 2016


2013’s Home, Like Noplace Is There was emotionally overwhelming, and its crafty compositions left people in awe of The Hotelier’s musical and human capacities leading to a state of extreme expectation towards what would follow-up for the Worcester, Massachusetts-based self-proclaimed “anti-pop” outfit. If proceed in following the same footsteps would be an easy way to sustain the momentum, then Goodness comes off as a bold statement – not only with its artwork but more so with its sonic expressions. Where the last album was action-packed, this new one feels more comfortable with silence and so the progression of the band on Goodness is made with a lot more oxygen, space and steadiness. The Hotelier maintain their heavily emotional side, but they’ve realized that sometimes you need to stop screaming (literally) and find some peace to make sense of it.

Words by Tiago Moreira
For Fans Of: American Football, Mineral, You Blew It!
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