Thurston Moore – Rock N Roll Consciousness


Thurston Moore - Rock N Roll Consciousness (Caroline International) 2017


Rock N Roll Consciousness marks a new chapter in Thurston Moore’s creative path. With the same creative line-up since 2014, Deb Googe (of My Bloody Valentine, Snowpony) on bass, James Sedwards (Nøught, Chrome Hoof) on guitar and Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth, Crucifucks) on drums, Rock N Roll Consciousness is an abrasive and spontaneous effort. It combines Moore’s noisy experimental side with his unique way of making pop anthems sound adventurous, dirty and orgasmic. Thurston Moore’s prolific art statement is still relevant and fucking impressive and his refusal to settle into the rock n’ roll cliché world has over the years opened up a world of beautiful possibilities in his unpredictable musical invention.

Words: Fausto Casais
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