Uniform – The Long Walk

Uniform - The Long Walk (Sacred Bones) 2018


The point of life is that it ends.” It’s telling that Uniform chose to adorn copies of their third full-length with Kafka’s words as it’s the ideal embodiment of their bleak worldview, as well as an interesting counterpoint to the unswerving torrent of filth that they use to deliver their message. Michael Berdan does his level best to vocalise their seeming misanthropia, his howls distorted and echoing as though lost in the midst of a prison cell, but it’s the combination of this with the absurd levels of distortion that they dress their swaggering riffage in that hammers the point home. Still, there’s something comforting in the urgency of their compositions that makes repeated listens unavoidable. Consume in large doses and at high volumes.

Words: David Bowes
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