Viviankrist: Cross Modulation – Bootleg Remixes

Last year’s Cross Modulation wasn’t so much rife for reinterpretation as it was a strange and sometimes otherworldly blank slate for anyone with enough vision to do it justice, which goes a long way towards explaining the calibre of the remixes that are delivered here.

Justin Broadrick alter-ego JK Flesh turns ‘Blue Iron’ into a storm of fat, throbbing basslines and urban alienation, while Maniac works from the same source but replaces the concrete with wire, steel and a sense of electronics-induced unease; Andrew Liles’ take on “Insects” is a work of formless horror that melds voice, brass and electronics with chilling effect. Though such names are certainly a draw, what makes the collection such a rewarding project is that just like Viviankrist’s own work, it draws its collaborators from diverse fields – black metal, sludge, coldwave, drum’n’bass and doom all see fit representation – and adds those who know her work best, like long-time collaborator Risaripa and husband Maniac, to provide some emotional continuity with the original.

It’s almost a textbook exercise in remixing done well, and whether you’re looking for something to continue Cross Modulation’s distinct path or just looking for a dose of truly weird, excellently-curated noise, this fits the bill.

Words: David Bowes // Cross Modulation – Bootleg Remixes is out now on Ritual Productions.
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