VR SEX share new single, “Live (In A Dream)”

The new album from Andrew Clinco‘s (Drab Majesty) alias VR SEX, which is out on March 25th via DAIS and takes its title from an architectural phrase but more importantly refers to the warped, wicked underworld the songs both chronicle and condemn. Donning the moniker Noel Skum – an acerbic anagram of Elon Musk – Clinco vents his scorn for and fascination with the seedy, surreal margins of low-life Los Angeles, doomed to dead ends of vanity, lust, and technology. Today he’s sharing the final single from the album with “Live (In A Dream)“.

A dynamic and distinctive sensory experience, “Live (In A Dream)” is “a brief yet familiar story of delusion and destruction. The song is a tale of myopia while the video zooms out and observes the world and its both natural and man-made absurdities and atrocities,” comments Skum.

Listen to “Live (In A Dream)” below:

Rough Dimension artwork & tracklist:

1. Victim Or Vixen
2. Glutton For Love
3. Cyber Crimes
4. Live (In A Dream)
5. Walk of Fame
6. Crisis Stage
7. Taste Of Hate
8. Snake Water
9. End Vision

Photo credit: Corinne Schiavone
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