Wardruna release new song & lyric video “Skugge”

With the release of Wardruna‘s new album Kvitravn approaching on January 22nd, the group has shared the song “Skugge” (“Shadow”) from this anticipated release.

Each track on Kvitravn is ingrained with meaning that delves deep into the philosophical, the esoteric, the Nordic myths and how old traditions define human nature and nature itself. “Skugge” feels particularly personal for it shifts the focus inwards, and as Einar Selvik remarks; “it is a song about shadows, echoes and the balance between seeking answers and wisdom internally and externally.” The accompanying lyric video allows the listener to journey deep into Wardruna’s world and offers space for reflection and contemplation.

Listen to & watch “Skugge” below:

Kvitravn will be released on January 22nd via Music For Nations.

Photo credit: Kim Öhrling
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