Welcome to Modern Earth: An Chat With Shaun Milton Of Landscapes

Landscapes are one of the most talented bands of the newest generation. Their melodic hardcore is deep, emotional and sincere, while their sound is modern, heavy and diverse. They just released their second album Modern Earth and we caught up with vocalist Shaun Milton.

Your new record is out. Have you heard any reactions so far, and what are they like?
It’s been great! We didn’t really know what to expect from our followers as we had been quiet for some time whilst concentrating on getting everything ready, but the feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive.

In your opinion, where is the biggest difference between Modern Earth and your previous work?
There is so much to this record that makes it a huge leap compared to Life Gone Wrong for me. The entire album is one whole art piece and concept, but the biggest difference in Modern Earth to me is ourselves and our maturity as musicians.

This is your second full-length. Do you feel you have grown as an artists and songwriters?
Totally! The reception to our first full-length record was so much more than we ever expected which is great, but created some big boots for us to fill on our second full-length. It’s enabled us to broaden our knowledge, musical tastes and influences.

Since the debut, what area do you think you improved the most?
Our songwriting ability has become a much more stronger structure. I tend to write daily now and I am open to new ideas, which I feel is a vital part of writing together as a band.

You are known as a band who give it all to the crowd. Your lyrics are personal and open. How hard is to expose yourself to the people you don’t know and let everyone see and hear what you feel?
I have struggled for years with the emotional draw backs of wearing my heart on my sleeve for the sake of performance. The constant reminder of my ghosts and demons isn’t all that healthy. The trouble is, how we are perceived as giving it my all is not necessarily ideal. When it comes to me stepping on stage, I somehow always reduce myself to a primitive state. It makes me feel like an animal. Maybe this is something you will see change over time… but I am a firm believer in never half assing something. You have to whole ass everything or not at all.

Landscapes_Promo_02-03-16 (6 of 19)“I do love how music can express so much within ourselves without even saying a single word though.”

Are you sometimes afraid of letting people get close, or does it feel refreshing to be heard?
I wouldn’t say afraid, I haven’t let anyone get close to me for a long time and I don’t plan on changing that mindset as I am happier alone. I do love how music can express so much within ourselves without even saying a single word though.

This is your second record with Pure Noise Records. I guess you are happy with the work so far?
We are extremely happy and thankful to be working with Pure Noise Records for sure! We are lucky to be a part of the furniture.

Pure Noise are known as a label that gives their artists complete artistic and creative freedom. How important is that for you and your music?
Jake at Pure Noise has given us so much time to work out our own shit and work on making a record we are happy with and went to great lengths to get us out to California to record with Sam Pura at Panda Studios, which was a huge thing for all of us. If it wasn’t for every single person involved in Modern Earth, it wouldn’t be here now. That’s how important it is to us and our music.

Playing live is something every band has to do to make more impact to their fans. With your music being so personal and emotional, where do you feel more comfortable, in studio or on the stage?
For a long time, I used to think it was the stage but touring can really drain you of everything you have. When you are in a studio, the pressure is on and there is really no time to fuck around. So.. if I’m honest, I’m at my happiest and most creative when I am at home writing, working things out and flooding pages and dictaphone tapes with melodies, words and sounds.

What is next for Landscapes?
We’ve just finished up working out playing Modern Earth acoustically and actually sung which sounds fucking tight! We are also writing new material ready for whatever we decide to release next and we have also been messing around with some covers by our favourite bands, which has been loads of fun!

Words: Miljan Milekic – Modern Earth is out now via Pure Noise Records
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