Westkust – Westkust

Westkust - Westkust (Run For Cover)


This kind of hyperactive pop-rock that is missing from the airwaves all too much these days. Super speedy, highly caffeinated shoegaze-esque rock oddities that fairly pop from the speakers and make your heart race, your brow sweat and your feet tap. It is infectious, furiously paced and wears it’s heart quite brazenly on its sleeve, so much so you can see every dent, scratch and bruise in the sinewy pink flesh.

When the pace does adjust and slow, it is only in so much as to let the songs open up and bloom like spectacular flowers – all colour, texture and shade, before cascading head first into a throng of chest pounding anthemic beauty again.

Music is seldom this raw, instant and immediate nowadays. Not for these guys to take it gently and coerce you with subtlety and grace – rather, it is a careening car screeching to a halt, smoke blowing from a rickety exhaust and a strange man pointing to you from a blackened window that rolls down ominously as he screams “Get in“.

This is a band that demands that you commit now, and don’t give it a second thought… And you know what? It is fucking glorious.

Words: Andi Chamberlain
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