Willis Earl Beal – Noctunes

WILLIS EARL BEAL - Noctunes (Tender Loving Empire)


“People had all these ideas about what I was supposed to be. I had only ever wanted to make lullabies.” These are the words of a man that went through a lot during the many different phases of his life – passing through Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, and Washington.

Not being familiar with Willis Earl Beal’s story might not decrease the possibility of one fall in love, and be in awe with his music, but it is clearly an important step skipped. With this crooner it’s not only about the place where it is supposed to go, but also the place where it all started. Throughout Noctunes, Willis shows a great capability of delivering his voice in a very impressive diversity without never making the mistake of guiding himself to a spectrum that doesn’t belong in the album and therefore breaking a perfect chain, which has twelve haunting and demanding links. They’re demanding. The record is demanding overall. It doesn’t have the upbeat single, and it isn’t concerned with the use of shortcuts, being, therefore, one of those albums that calls for maximum attention. It’s fuckin’ emotional! Willis’ voice can be the most noticeable element, but the backbone of the album is the slow-burning instrumentals that progress slowly, always gathering new elements throughout that progression.

Noctunes reveals a truly and undeniable singular artist and remind us that even in 2015 patience and dedication make all the sense in the world.

By Tiago Moreira

FOR FANS OF: Tim Buckley, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake

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