Wovenhand – Star Treatment


Wovenhand - Star Treatment (Glitterhouse Records/Sargent House) 2016


Take a dash of Bowie, a smattering of Nick Cave and plonk them down in the middle of a Cormac McCarthy novel and you have a good grasp on the tone of Star Treatment, David Eugene Edwards’ latest slice of doomsaying psych-country. Though Edwards’ bourbon-steeped croon, rich and gifted with a true troubadour’s flair for soul and narrative, is steeped in American tradition it finds itself placed alongside a soundtrack that is geographically unburdened, raga jams and the brooding pulse of post-punk proving intriguing bedfellows for the dust and grit of Wovenhand’s doomericana. As dark as a Midwestern sky at midnight and shot through with just as many specks of light, these songs embody the fire and ash that rests within the heart of man.

Words by Dave Bowes
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