Wye Oak unveil new single, “Spitting Image”

Wye Oak have shared a third track from their No Horizon EP featuring the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, which will be released this Friday, July 31st, through Merge Records.

The latest and final pre-release single is called “Spitting Image“. Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner comments on the track, saying: “‘Spitting Image’ is about trying to manage the sheer volume of information we are expected to absorb to exist. As naturally curious creatures, the idea of seeing everything at once initially sounds intriguing, but of course we quickly reach the limits of what we can consume, and are forced to contend with how little we can actually control. The song was an attempt to emulate the feeling of emotional and psychological overload as the waves of excess exceed the limit of our capacity to absorb them.

Listen to “Spitting Image” below:

Photo credit: Lissa Gotwals
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