Young Guns – Echoes


Young Guns - Echoes (Spinefarm Records) 2016


This is colossal. A sound that has been developed by a band that certainly want to be heard. Young Guns are the makers of this Goliath, breakneck, musical wonderment. Their new record Echoes bursts like a balloon struck by a cigarette, it also jolts the heart and wastes no time in wowing the listener. The band have definitely worked extensively on the lyrical qualities, by dazzling with metaphors and hooks. The wordplay is accomplished on the record, deeply spawning from heartache and hardship, love and loss. Opening song “Bulletproof” is a wonderful, atmospheric, pile-driver that has been scaled up to perfection. It’s massive and has been composed with style and musical muscle. There’s also melodic heart-pullers like “Paradise”, which is emotive and brilliant, utilizing the bands softer side.

Words by Mark McConville
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