A playlist curated by Hilary Woods

We’re asking musicians what music they’re listening to in this time of isolation, and this one comes from Hilary Woods, who released her brilliant sophomore album Birthmarks this month on Sacred Bones.

This is a playlist of music I’m currently listening to in Isolation. Listening to some in the morning, other tracks in the evening, a mix of non-song and song music keeping me company in these strange times. Tuning into a lot of Drone Flower, 75 Dollar Bill and Ekin Fil particularly. Some Irish artists here too; Jape’s most recent album ‘Sentinel’ is incredibly beautiful , understated and unassuming, I’ve included a track from it – ‘I Was Wrong’ here.”  – Hilary Woods

Birthmarks is out now on Sacred Bones, you can also read our interview with Hilary Woods here.

Photo credit: Joshua Wright
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