Everything You Need to Know About Our Brand New Issue 17

How excited are we with the amazing comeback of Baroness? Very fucking excited. These dudes suffered a huge setback while touring in Europe a few years ago, but they’re back, happier, stronger and hungrier than ever to rock this place up.
Our brand new issue is finally here, and it’s loaded with big guns, from exciting new acts like Milk Teeth, Mothers, Palehound or Muncie Girls, to huge, iconic and legendary acts like Anthrax, Tortoise, 7 Year Bitch, Ulver and Bloc Party. We can even say that this is perhaps our most diverse and rich issue ever, having Wild Nothing, Mystery Jets, Money or Basia Bulat side by side is an honor and for all the right reasons we’re sharing with you guys how thrilled and happy we are with our brand new ISSUE 17.
The new issue is also made of changes, our edition gets bigger and goes bi-monthly, and for that reason we are for raising our own limits and level up the game a bit more. Enough of boring talk, enjoy our brand new issue.

Issue 17 TESTE 222235
Vocalist and guitarist John Baizley spoke to us about the changes the band have undergone over the past few years and why these have made them happier, stronger and hungrier than ever.
Issue 17 TESTE 222222
From Caplan To Belsize is their debut album and it was about that we caught up with Lande Hekt that gave us more reasons to say they’re really a band to watch and catch live in 2016.
Issue 17 TESTE 222232
Finding balance and time for his third record was something really motivating and interesting. WILD NOTHING’s Jack Tatum talked with us about the importance of taking a pause in your life and how it inspired him for the new record, Life Of Pause.

Hymns is the name of Bloc Party’s fifth album and guitarist Russell Lissack took us through the making of such pivotal album, which is also an admitted rebirth.
Issue 17 TESTE 222244
It was about Vile Child, their debut album and everything that now surrounds Milk Teeth that we talked about with guitarist and songwriter Chris Webb.
Issue 17 TESTE 222246
After seven years in the wilderness they have returned with another uncategorisable gem in The Catastrophist, and we nabbed co-founder Dan Bitney to find out what keeps Tortoise marching through the ages.
Issue 17 TESTE 222252
We caught up with bassist Frank Bello in a Houston backstage area before one of Anthrax’s gigs in their current tour to talk a bit about their latest release, For All Kings.
Issue 17 TESTE 222239
Palehound is the moniker for guitarist/songwriter Ellen Kempner and she brings a much reinvigorate way to write personal and emotional songs. Those songs are on her debut album, Dry Food, so  we caught up with Ellen about her record and her beginnings as a musician.

++ Interviews with 7 Year Bitch, Ulver, Mothers, Like Pacific, Mystery Jets, Trixie Whitley, Roam, Palehound, Money and much more…


ALBUMS // David Bowie, Anthrax, Big Ups, Black Mountain, Bossk, Basement, Cullen Omori, Death Index, Frankie Cosmos, Graves At Sea, Heck, Iggy Pop, Ihsahn, Inverloch, John Carpenter, Lust For Youth, Mamiffer, Matmos, Mogwai, Milk Teeth, Muncie Girls, Oranssi Pazuzu, Parquet Courts, Pinegrove, Rorcal, Saul Williams, September Girls, Simmer, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, The Coathangers, The Body, The Thermals, Tombs, Wild Nothing, Violent Femmes, Yuck and much more…
LIVE // Baroness, Marching Church, Enter Shikari, The King Blues, The Wonder Years, Deafheaven, Myrkur, Shopping, Blues Pills.
CINEMA & TV // Deadpool, Anomalisa, Truth, Diary Of A Teenage Girl, Love (Season 1).
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