Everything You Need To Know About Our Brand New Issue 21 (OUT NOW)

What a better way to start 2017 than with a brand new issue. It feels like 2016 is long gone, but the truth is that it was a strange and turbulent year, from Brexit to the US elections, from the shameful situation in Syria to the overwhelming migrant crisis. During the year, we lost legends who will be greatly missed and certainly not forgotten. Carrie Fisher, Alan Vega, Fidel Castro, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Mohammed Ali, Alan Rickman, Prince, Sharon Jones, Gene Wilder, Debbie Reynolds, Johan Cruyff, Alphonse Mouzon just to name a few…

But, putting that aside, we’re super excited with what this new year has to bring and we’re quite pleased with this new issue. Sleigh Bells are our cover story. Jessica Rabbit, their new album is probably their most compelling and daring album to date. Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller are at the peak of their game and more audacious than ever. We caught up with Alexis that talked us through the whole process and so much more.

We have other awesome features! We quizzed Fenriz of Darkthrone on all things metal and he rose to the challenge for their brand new effort, Arctic Thunder; we talked with Superjoint‘s Kevin Bond and co-founder Jimmy Bower about the new material, New Orleans and the new influence of sobriety; we caught up with Planes Mistaken For Stars‘ founder Gared O’Donnell about the US, life, his lyrics, and how everything is linked; we’ve pinned down guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch before an immense arena show, we discussed the finer points of Korn’s longevity, as well as his own thoughts on rock superstardom and time travel; we sat down with Super Unison and talked about writing their first album, Auto, confronting feelings and moshing to Korn; we talked to with In Flames‘ guitarist Björn Gelotte to get to know more about their new album, Battles, why L.A. was a huge inspiration for them; and so much more.

We had also the opportunity to catch up with some other great artists such as Newmoon, Slowcoaches, Vanishing Life, You Blew It!, Guttermouth, Enter Shikari, Helms Alee, Mannequin Pussy, The Regrettes, I’m Glad It’s You, Petrol Girls and Taxiwars.

We also have a wide range of album reviews, plenty of great live shows we’ve been to and our take on some new films. Last but not the least, we share with you our Top 50 Albums of 2016, as well the best movies and TV shows.

Hope you guys enjoy this issue as much we enjoyed making it and let’s see what 2017 has in store. Happy new year to you all!!!

Photo credit: Petra Collins
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