Fine Place announce debut album & share title-track, “This New Heaven”

Based in Brooklyn, NYC, Fine Place is a new duo comprising Frankie Rose (Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls) and Matthew Hord (Running, Pop. 1280, Brandy). They have announced the release of their debut album This New Heaven, out on November 19th via Night School Records.

The duo have also shared the album’s title-track. Listen to “This New Heaven” below:

Following Hord’s relocation from Chicago, the pair wanted to explore new avenues apart from their respective bands or solo projects. “The sound we were going for was an attempt to capture the dystopian feel of New York during a period of desertion by the wealthy. It was produced in a time-frame saturated in both uncertainty and serenity, and the soundscapes we created felt fitting and almost organic as a response to our surroundings. The title also reflects this in an arguably literal, maybe even satirical way.

About their debut album This New Heaven, Hord says: “This record was an incredibly challenging endeavor to make, as I had just come home from a European tour with another music project and wanted to invest into and focus on this collaboration with Frankie. I essentially reimagined how to approach writing basic sequences with the synthesizers I had been rehearsing and performing with for months prior to make something more accessible and pop-like for Frankie to build upon. Frankie is an unsung hero when it comes to mixing, and she was constantly mixing down and processing elements of the tracks to create different atmospheres as we forged forward with every song.

This New Heaven artwork & tracklist:

1. I Can’t Shake It
2. This New Heaven
3. Cover Blind
4. It’s Your House
5. Impressions Of Me
6. Tell Me A Second Time
7. The Party Is Over

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