Half Waif shares new single, “Sodium & Cigarettes”

Half Waif, the project of Hudson Valley, NY-based artist Nandi Rose, has shared “Sodium & Cigarettes,” the hopeful and haunting new single from her anticipated upcoming album Mythopoetics, out on July 9th via ANTI-.

‘Sodium & Cigarettes’ follows the theme of many of the tracks on Mythopoetics and deals with the recognition that no one is going to magically save us or pull us out of our misery. The chorus ‘okay, give it another day’ is something I say to myself when I’ve had a really awful day and everything feels like a wash. It’s a deep breath and a stab at courage – I can face tomorrow, and who knows what possibilities for joy and growth that will bring,” says Rose. “While working on the album during the Democratic Primary in early 2020, the song took on new meaning for me in light of political conversations. “I believe in something more than what’s in front of me” became a commentary on people saying, ‘well, this system is what we’ve got and you can’t ask for more.’ I firmly believe that we have to fight for the world we imagine, that everything is possible. So this song is really a quiet encouragement for me, a way to tell myself to stop running, to face what’s coming with clarity and vision and courage, to know there’s another tomorrow.

Listen to “Sodium & Cigarettes” below:

Photo credit: Lissyelle Laricchia
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