Myrkur – Mausoleum EP


Myrkur - Mausoleum EP (Relapse Records) 2016


When Emanuel Vigeland frescoed the walls of his mausoleum in Oslo, he painted the story of human life, death and love. A half-century later, solo Danish black metal outfit Myrkur has recorded a live album that is reminiscent of the surrounding Vigeland creations. Mausoleum consists of eight acoustic versions of previously released pieces and a cover of “Song To Hall Up High” to rival the Hammerheart original. Amalie Bruun lays bare what she has built under her Myrkur moniker with the Norwegian Girls’ Choir at her side; the exquisite vocals and resonating harmonies produce images of Beowulf sailing across frigid waters to Hrothgar and his Danes. All that made M resplendent is magnified with Mausoleum to show Myrkur’s undeniable fealty to her heritage and craft.

Words by Teddie Taylor
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