10 Artists That Inspired The New Trees Of Eternity Record, Picked By Juha Raivio

We teamed up with Juha Raivio of Trees Of Eternity to create this awesome playlist, tracks and albums that shaped and influenced Trees of Eternity new album, Hour of the Nightingale. From Amorphis to Duran Duran, Rush to Type O Negative, Juha’s playlist bring us a playlist full of mixed feelings, it’s a gloomy, nostalgic and sometimes heartbreaking.

1. Marillion – “Chelsea Monday”

Steven Rothery has influence me more than any other guitar player in this world and his weeping and beautiful guitar lines always inspire me when I am writing music. Marillion has so many dark and gloomy songs that most of the doom metal bands should really take a lesson how its done. One of the most important bands ever for me.

2. Duran Duran – “Save a Prayer”

“Save a Prayer” might be my ultimate Duran Duran song for me and I have been huge fan ever since I was teenager, and that is a loooong time ago. Even as a kid I always found more sad sounding songs more inviting than cheerful tones. I love 80’s songs overall and at the end its always about the melody and more sorrowful it is more it always talks to me.

3. Type O Negative – “Red Water”

I love Type O Negative to death. No matter what I do I always hear Type O Negative playing in my head, especially when writing music. This song speaks to me so loud for personal reasons and really breaks my heart.

4. Wardruna – Runaljod – gap var Ginnunga & 5. Wardruna – Runaljod – Yggdrasil

Warduna might be the most important music that me and Aleah found last years. We loved Wardruna and listen them a lot at home and while camping and sleeping out under the stars and while writing songs for the Hour of the Nightingale. These two albums by Wardruna will stay forever in my heart and remind me so much of Aleah and those magical song writing moments with her.

6. Antimatter – “The Weight of the World”

Aleah loved Antimatter and she played me a lot of their music. I’m so happy me and Aleah became friends with Mick Moss who is such amazing person and musician and at the end they even sang duet together on Hour of the Nightingale album. Very proud moment and their duet is just pure magic.

7. Rush – “Natural Science”

Rush is another band that has been very very important and a huge inspiration for me always. I love bands and artists who are not afraid to jump into unknown and break the rules inside the song. “Natural Science” plays a lot in my player always, as does hunder other Rush songs though.

8. The 3rd and the Mortal – Tears Laid in Earth

Another one of Aleah’s all time favourite bands and albums. First time we met she played me The 3rd and the Mortal and Antimatter a lot and said that this is the kind of a music and spirit that talks to her soul and a musical direction she would see Trees of Eternity also going in the future a bit. I think we manage to capture some of these two bands magic on our own music too. Very important album this one.

9. My Dying Bride – “The Light At The End Of The World”

My Dying Bride is one of my all time favourite band and this must be one their songs that have touched me the most. It is painfully true story for me.

10. Amorphis – “White Night”

Aleah did guest vocals on few songs on the latest Amorphis album and the whole album is amazing. But this song featuring Aleah is the jewel of this album for sure. Brings tears in my eyes every time, true music.

Listen below to Trees of Eternity beautiful new track – their second since the tragic loss of lead-singer Aleah Stanbridge, “A Million Tears“. Featuring Fredrik Norrman and Mattias Norrman (ex-Katatonia/October Tide) and Kai Hahto (Wintersun, Swallow the Sun), “A Million Tears” is featured on their new album, Hour of the Nightingale which is out now on Svart Records.

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