Warp Records Reveals Seefeel Reissues Series

Seefeel have announced an extensive reissue campaign of their ’90s work for the Warp and Rephlex labels.

The series includes deluxe vinyl reissues of their out-of-print albums Succour and (Ch-Vox), as well as a vinyl EP collection, St / Fr / Sp, and a four-CD 1994-1996 anthology titled Rupt & Flex. All were mastered from original DAT transfers by Stefan Betke (aka Pole), and feature rare and previously unreleased bonus tracks, new liner notes by the band and artwork and packaging by The Designer’s Republic.

The Succour “Redux” reissue is a three-album set with 12 bonus tracks, the (Ch-Vox) “Redux” reissue is a two-album set with six bonus tracks, and St / Fr / Sp is a two-album set with two bonus tracks.

One of those bonus tracks is a 12-minute Autechre remix of “Spangle” and you can listen to that, and watch a preview for the reissue series, below.

Warp Records will release Rupt & Flex (1994 – 96), Succour (Redux), (Ch-Vox) Redux, St / Fr / Sp and Sp19 b/w Ga19 on May 14, 2021.

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