2016 – The Year In Review With Jeff “JJ” Janiak of Discharge

We’ve asked bands/artists to share with us their highs and lows of 2016 and what they hope the New Year will bring to them. Here’s the year in review with Jeff “JJ” Janiak (vocals) of Discharge.

On a scale of 1-10, how was 2016 been for you?
2016 has definitely been a 10 for us, our new album went down really well… it even hit the charts to our surprise. We were never expecting anything like that. We did a USA tour and most of the dates were sold out, and we’ve been getting so many offers to play its impossible to do all of them…

Have you learned any life lessons this year?
Yes, never do a tour without a day off ! And if it aint broke… don’t fix it.

What was the highlight of 2016 for you?
There’s been quite a few… Hellfest was an amazing festival, the place itself is surreal. Duetting ‘Ace of Spades’ with Lou from Sick Of It All for a Lemmy tribute was certainly unexpected, the Discharge after show party in LA and Ron Jeremy turning up, stage invasion at Mobfest in Italy , Bones sleeping in the corridor of the hotel in Germany, Rainy doing an unplanned front flip out of the van in Portugal and landing on his feet… it’s been a crazy year.

Any low points?
Having to postpone the USA tour and Tezz and Rainy not being able to get into the country was definitely the lowest point, we’ve had alot of hiccups throughout the year but nothing we couldn’t get over and move on. Lots of trial and error!

What was the most overhyped thing of 2016?
Donald Trump. Hillary can fuck off too.

Worst of 2016?
The death of Lemmy and so many other talented and creative people, and Donald Trump

Best of 2016?
Victory at Standing Rock… (for now anyways.)

Best albums of the 2016?
I haven’t heard any from 2016.

Worst albums of the 2016?
See above!

Any new year’s resolution for 2017?
Yep… get cracking on the next album and cut down on the drinking (and stop smoking of course.)

End Of Days is out now on Nuclear Blast.

Photo Credit: Fabiola Santini
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