2016 – The Year In Review With Kevin Dye of Gates

We’ve asked bands/artists to share with us their highs and lows of 2016 and what they hope the New Year will bring to them. Here’s the year in review with Kevin Dye (vocals, guitar) of Gates.

On a scale of 1-10, how was 2016 been for you?
Despite it’s ups and downs and all of the terrible things happening, I have to go with 10 for me personally. We released Parallel Lives, which I’m unbelievably proud of, I got to sing “The Earth Will Shake” with Thrice, and I got engaged!

Have you learned any life lessons this year?
I learned that my health is much more important than anything else and to trust my own instincts a lot more.

What was the highlight of 2016 for you?
Getting engaged to the love of my life was absolutely the high point.

Any low points for you?
Watching the world dive backwards in social progress and the subsequent division it’s causing.

What was the most overhyped thing of 2016?
Hype, without a doubt.

Worst of 2016?
All of the hate that seemed to have found it’s home here. I hope we can try to move the needle closer to love in 2017.

Best of 2016?
Pokemon Go, fight me. Literally, come fight me in a gym.

Best albums of the 2016?
I prefer to wait a year until I declare the victors, but my favorites at the moment are probably Anderson.Paak, Radiohead, and Wye Oak.

Worst albums of the 2016?
Any albums that were created for the sole purpose of capitalism, you know who you are.

Any new year’s resolution for 2017?
Be more of the change I want to see, to take the conversation away from social media and into the real world, and to revitalize the importance of education in any way I can.

Photo credit: Greg Pallante // Parallel Lives is out now via Pure Noise Records.
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