A playlist curated by Alexis S.F. Marshall of Daughters

We’re asking musicians what music they’re currently listening to, and this curated playlist comes from the brilliant Alexis S.F. Marshall of Daughters. You Won’t Get What You Want is out now on Ipecac.

Below you have the tracklist, the playlist and Alexis comments on every single track, enjoy!

Jacques Brel – J’arrive
One of my favorite singers and performers. Sweating intensely.”

Rowland S. Howard – I Burnt Your Clothes
Unconventional vocally and stylistically. Few can do the things with a guitar Rowland could do.”

Pere Ubu – Golden Surf II
Possibly one of the most consistent bands in all of music.”

Severed Heads – Big Car Intro
I’ve had this on cassette for twenty years or so. Here’s to twenty more.”

Suicide – Sufferin’ In Vain
Something sweet about Suicide, something about love, something about suffering.

Gnod – People
Prolonged repetition at it’s finest.”

Leviathan – Bring Up to This Bottom
Leviathan might have cornered the market on amazing album / song titles.”

Candiru – Angles
Been in love with song since I first heard it in ‘93. I never grow tired of it.”

Pitch Shifter – New Flesh
Punishing. That is all.

Raspberry Bulbs – Lionhead
Both ugly and catchy. That’s not easy to achieve.”

Brighter Death Now – Incomprehensive Evil
Like the calming sounds of the river.

Exploded View – Disco Glove
A tightening noose of anxiety.”

Bambara – Sunbleached Skulls
Singer Reid Bateh is easily one of my favorite contemporary lyricists. An outstanding live band as well.”

Glenn Branca – Symphony Number 6: Third Movement
It doesn’t have to fit to work.

Scott Walker – Funeral Tango
“I can’t make a playlist without Scott. Opened with the great Brel himself—closed with a Brel cover.”

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You Won’t Get What You Want is out now on Ipecac.

Photo credit: Scott Dachroeden
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