A Storm Of Light – Anthroscene

A Storm Of Light – Anthroscene (Translation Loss Records) 2018


AStorm Of Light may well have found themselves in a perfect niche within their peers. This, their fifth album, has found them in a balance between the grandiose European invention of The Ocean; and the introvert darkness of the North American gods Tool.

Anthroscene is a bold, epic odyssey into the mind of lead songwriter Josh Graham – a cascading, spiral of dimly lit paranoia and panic inducing travail into futureshock and post-millenial malaise. Songs like “Short Term Feedback” and “Life Will Be Violent” are deep, dark slabs of progressive hardcore, huge guitars and drum patterns like machine gun fire over the trenches and vocals that hide semi concealed under the soup of noise.

This album is a leap into new territory and is a grand statement of intent from a band who really don’t need to prove anything, but want you to recognize all the same.

Words: Andi Chamberlain
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