ADULT. – This Behavior

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ADULT. - This Behavior (Dais Records) 2018


Conjuring memories of classic eighties experimental electronica, brimming with an inventive, teasingly naïve charm throughout ADULT. seem to have landed on their feet with this new release.

The kind of music that trance and house DJ’s would throw a hard beat behind and chuck a handful of disco biscuits at neon garbed members of the public within grabbing distance to start the next big rave phenomenon. It is a record that is overspilling with retro appeal and huge beating heart.

Stand-out track “Perversions of Humanity” sounds like Annie Lennox decided to take a handful of Xanax and join the Pet Shop Boys. “Lick Out The Content” is as naughty a track as the title leads you to believe – all spiky synths and barely in tune vocals – from start to final second This Behavior is an album that has one extraordinary and driving ambition – stick its claws in your dancing spleen and make you move like a Londoner with rickets in the 1800’s plugged into the mains supply – all elbows and knees – it’s a fascinating and singular listening experience I dare say you will be hard pressed to find a comparison for.

Well worth a second or two of your time, especially if you just dropped a tab or two and fancy shaking the ghosts from your bones.

Words: Andi Chamberlain
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