Alpha Male Tea Party – Health


Alpha Male Tea Party - Health (Big Scary Monsters) 2017


On first inspection and listen there is a sparse, simplicity to the sound created by the Scouse instrumental trio Alpha Male Tea Party. Yet, when you dig a little deeper you soon realize that this is a band who are building layers of complexity like pastry, delicate and fine, puffy and full of flavor, ready for the intense bite that is to come.

The satisfying, heartening warmth that overflows you upon biting is a testament to their cheeky, diverse and brilliant nuance for a composition, because that’s really what this is, an album full of compositions.

Admittedly, the instrumental near tech-rock trickery they conjure may not be for everyone, but when the songwriting is this good the only thing left for you to do is lament that they have not found or not taken the leap to acquire a singer to accompany and add an extra burst of juice to the mix.

An assured album, creatively produced, clear as crystal and as deep as oceans. You’ll be repeatedly rewarded.

Words: Andi Chamberlain
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