An Exciting Storm: Our Interview With Luke Pate of Frameworks

Formed in Gainesville, Florida, in 2011, Frameworks have been gradually conquering their own space in the underground music scene with their screamo/post-hardcore that never stands still and gets comfortable. Their new 2-song EP, Time Spent, welcomes elements of industrial noise and synth giving fans another exciting new look at the band. We talked with frontman Luke Pate to understand a little bit better what’s around this short but effective new EP.

The new EP, Time Spent, which is the follow-up to your debut album, Loom, has only two new songs. Were they a part of the writing process for Loom or were they written after it?
Time Spent was written shortly after Loom. We took a few months off and jumped back into writing in-between tours and never stopped.

With your debut album, Loom, you had the chance of tracking live. Have you maintained that part of the process when recording Time Spent?
We didn’t track Time Spent live, but we did play it every day a three week tour right before going into the studio to insure everything was as tight as possible for tracking.

The new EP was recorded with Matt McClellan. How was the experience of working with Matt, and what are some of the differences between the process of working with him and with Jack Shirley?
Both are incredible engineers and we’re very fortunate to have been able to work with either one of them. They respectably do have opposite styles when it comes to tracking. With Jack, tracking was all about replicating this pure sound out of Loom, whereas Matt’s style with Time Spent was more so about emphasizing certain instruments at certain times while tracking individually. We’re very content with how both albums turned out and I couldn’t image doing anything differently.

There are elements of industrial noise and synth in this new EP. Their addition to the Frameworks’ core sound comes from a pure will to explore more with sounds and enlarge the scope of the band or was it something more natural and not that though out?
We went in wanting to experiment with some kind electronics but they naturally came together the way they did in the studio. Going in with songs somewhat open or unfinished seems to be our best approach at recording.

Loom was a conceptual work. Is there a concept linking the two songs on the Time Spent EP?
Yes, Time Spent is inspired by a piece from Daniel Kahneman’s “The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory” about perceiving happiness into two split behaviors. I wrote the two tracks to represent a side to his idea of the experiencing self and the remembering self and their influence on my decisions.

You’ve said that the split that Frameworks did with Droughts, Kittyhawk, and Prawn was sort of a prelude into the full-length, which is why one of the songs is called “Preamble.” Is the new EP an indication of what we can expect from Frameworks’ next full-length album?
No, not the next full length. Time Spent is a one off idea for now.

Since we’re talking about the upcoming new album. Have you guys started working on it? If so, how’s everything going and what can you tell us at this point?
It’s entirely finished and everything else feels pale in comparison, but in the best way possible.

Words by Tiago Moreira // Pictures by Shauna Hundeby

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