Anna Burch – Quit The Curse


Anna Burch - Quit The Curse (Polyvinyl Records) 2018


Quit The Curse marks a top notch debut by Detroit singer/songwriter Anna Burch. It’s a cathartic and empowering personal effort which clearly marks the end of an era of uncertainty and emotional struggle for her.

Quit The Curse takes us on a journey of self-discovery and forces us to confront past or current emotional issues and makes us wonder if our approach in life has been the best or we simply keep avoiding to tackle the issues that really haunt us. Burch’s expression of emotions is not defined by any kind of structure, it almost feels improvised. Her crystal clear vocal and the catchy and upbeat tunes are the perfect match for her forward and dark lyrical approach, creating a strange sense of harmony and peace.

Anna Burch’s Quit The Curse is effortlessly one of 2018’s gems and one hell of an impressive debut, a perfect statement of liberation, gracefully crafted.

Words: Fausto Casais
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