Årabrot share new single & video, “Hailstones For Rain / The Moon Is Dead” (Part II)

Årabrot have shared a new single and video, “Hailstones For Rain / The Moon Is Dead(Part II), which is taken off their upcoming album, Norwegian Gothic, out on April 9th via Pelagic Records.

Kinks Of The Heart and Hailstones For Rain is one narrative in two parts. It is the tale of Årabrot, preachers of rock’n roll. The videos are shot in the church where we live and its surroundings, our neighbours and friends as the congregation. Karin is 8 months pregnant. If you want to know what Årabrot is all about this is where you want to start. Brilliantly shot and directed by Obscure Film Collective.

Listen to “Hailstones For Rain / The Moon Is Dead” (Part II) and watch the video for it below:

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