Årabrot share new single & video, “Kinks of the Heart” (Part I)

Årabrot have shared a new single and video, “Kinks of the Heart” (Part I), which is taken off their upcoming album, Norwegian Gothic, out on April 9th via Pelagic Records.

There is a certain beauty to living in the countryside – there’s clear crisp air, fresh water, splendid sunsets. Every day we see wild animals coming down from the forests that surround us. There is a freedom attached to all that. The other day I went out of the church where we live and found a dead crow on the porch. It was only the head, its eyes gorged out and it had a huge claw stuck in its neck. There is also a brutality to nature which is ever-present out here. It is this duality Cormac McCarthy so masterly puts into words. It is also what Kinks Of The Heart is about.

Listen to “Kinks of the Heart” (Part I) and watch the video for it below:

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