Arcadea – Arcadea


Arcadea - Arcadea (Relapse Records) 2017


Arcadea is drummer-vocalist Brann Dailor (Mastodon), guitarist & keyboardist Core Atoms (Zruda), and guitarist Raheem Amlani (Withered) on synth. Arcadea is that spectacular spin-off that achieves a cult-legend status… or so it seems and sounds. Their self-titled debut album takes a bit of the wonderful world Mastodon created with 2009’s masterpiece Crack The Skye and takes it to a more psychedelic and lush upbeat world. It’s a synth-laden progressive, psychedelic, and synth odyssey that lives in the most retro world (arcade games are a good reference) where 8-bit is wrapped around with delightful melodies, crazy harmonies, and a seemingly will to act deranged at all the times. Arcadea is freaky, groovy, weird, but also ravishing and incredibly fulfilling.

Words: Tiago Moreira
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