Austra – Future Politics


AUSTRA - Future Politics (Anti-) 2017


Ambient, trance-y, space rock futurism from Toronto; a town that never really went by the usual way of things, Austra, their latest export onto the music world at large, are a chimaera of influences and inspirations – that exist almost head and shoulders above all of them, existing simultaneously side by side in comparison – and several levels above.

A pleasingly dramatic turn of events. A synth lead, electronica outfit, with vocals that invoke flashes of Björk, Florence, Lana Del Ray and Sia – but transcend the lazy comparisons wth a dynamisms and a drive all its own. Future Politics is a pretty serious evolution in what popular,mainstream electronic rock/pop can sound – its follows familiar paths, but trail-blazes new ground with a serious core that allows it to bloom with the repeated listens.

This is an astounding album, that really makes the band stand out amongst a crowd of wannabes and show-offs as real contenders to the throne. A real gem, a genuine jewel in the crown.

Words: Andi Chamberlain
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