Balance And Composure – Light We Made


Balance And Composure - Light We Made (Big Scary Monsters) 2016


Light We Made is thrilling ambitious and surprisingly inventive, sounds clean and more polished but at the same time is able to be efficiently raw and hypnotic. The 90’s alternative rock is once again their beach, from The Cure to Radiohead, from Nirvana to Brand New, their palette of influences is vast and they show no signs of hiding that. Sometimes it sounds all familiar, but Light We Made is truly unique, exquisitely dark, sounds elegantly organic, transcending any kind of genre and brave enough to explore new grounds. Produced by the great Will Yip, Light We Made sheers audacity and creativity, it’s great to see that Balance And Composure took their artistic statement to a whole new level.

Words by Fausto Casais
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