Basement Revolver – Heavy Eyes

Basement Revolver - Heavy Eyes (Sonyc Union) 2018


For those looking for some brutally honest alternative music, Basement Revolver, a young
Canadian indie rock band, are the perfect choice. While they certainly don’t innovate, their sweet and catchy songs more than make up for the lack of originality.

Singer/guitarist Chrisy Hurn has no problem sharing her most intimate thoughts, addressing her struggles with anxiety and self-esteem with such sincerity we feel motivated to carry on with our life even when things seem bleak, because we know we’re not alone. The simple yet carefully structured instrumental section – sometimes reminiscent of The Cranberries’ melodic sensibility, other times closer to the shoegaze and dream pop universes – also plays a crucial role in making this introspective sonic journey much more memorable. A very pleasant surprise!

Words: Jorge Alves
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