Beach House – Depression Cherry


Beach House - Depression Cherry (Sub Pop) 2015


It’s been a while since Beach House delivered the wonderful Bloom, in 2012. Three years later, after a lot of touring, it’s time to rediscover their music in another album. According to them, Depression Cherry is a return to the simpler style of dream pop from their first two albums – Beach House (2006) and Devotion (2008). In fact, the new album feels more natural and simpler. They make their dreamy pop lullabies effortless and organic, it’s like they could make a good song out of the same formula over and over again. The electronic organs are a bit darker and the guitar riffs more dreamy with Victoria Legrand’s sweet voice. Sometimes it can feel repetitive, but even so, Beach House have created their own unmistakable sound.

Words by Andreia Alves
FOR FANS OF: Melody’s Echo Chamber, Deerhunter
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