Birds In Row – We Already Lost The World


Birds In Row - We Already Lost The World (Deathwish Inc.) 2018


The last few years have been socially and politically shameful, an embarrassing time to be alive. If somehow we travel back in time we can easily experience the same instability in the already faded late 70’s troubled times, where the first important explosion of punk rock and hip-hop happened. With that in mind, we should look into Birds In Row new album with a delightful sense of urgency. We Already Lost The World is nothing more than an abrasive, emotional and realistic statement about the world we live in.

There’s something different in the way Birds in Row communicate with us, their melancholic and dark approach is uniquely strange and their stunning cocktail of hardcore, post-punk and angular rock influences are remarkably brutal. We Already Lost The World is audaciously over the top, but Birds In Row knack for attaching lush hooks, strong songwriting with a powerful and meaningful message onto their post-genre blend is fucking seductive.

Words: Fausto Casais
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