Bossk – Audio Noir


Bossk - Audio Noir (Deathwish Inc.) 2016


Atmospheric post-everything, is perhaps the best way to describe Bossk sound. Not sticking to any kind of genres, their transcendent and chaotic esque is capable of turning your brain inside out. With a fierce intensity, Audio Noir brings together all the classic stoner meets sludge meets doom classic elements, along with this unique way of transport the listener to another new dimension, where everything sounds raw and urgent. Rules are here to be broken and, in this new effort, Bossk were able to break a few, from their hypnotic and layered way of creating art in their own way of portraying emotions into their own instrumental landscapes. Audio Noir is a massive and brilliant experience, well done guys!

Words by Fausto Casais
For Fans Of: Cult Of Luna, Explosions In The Sky
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