Brand New – Science Fiction


Brand New - Science Fiction (Procrastinate! Music Traitors) 2017


It came like a cannon ball shot precisely at the most prominent star. It created a buzz online, causing a craze, a red alert. This was all kick-started by critically acclaimed and enigmatic band Brand New. They sent 500 copies of their new record Science Fiction to fans who pre-ordered it, sending them into a fit of delight. This mysterious act of goodness, prompted many to turn to their mobile devices and computers to show appreciation.

And Brand New are a band that have created some stellar music over the years, and have solidified themselves as frontrunners in a scene massively bloated. Their music always resonates, it’s always haunting, dramatic, and purposeful. It drags you in, offering you a chance to shake off burdens and life problems for a while. Hardships always nip at the skin, but they can be put on the side-lines for a few moments.

The new record is haunting, there’s voices throughout, some muffled and some clear. They add clarity and suspense. And you’re wondering what is going occur next, will more voices appear to enlighten you with their message? It is original and inventive, but we expect that from a seasoned band like Brand New. We expect the music to be super-charged and lyrically cohesive too.

Words are important. Brand New base their music on words. They are lyrical masters, offering the listener poetry to ponder over, offering them a chance to lose themselves. And this doesn’t happen consistently, as there’s many bands out there which aren’t sufficient in creating magic through words. But, Brand New are an act boundless in what they create lyrically.

Science Fiction is a colossal record, propelling the band to new heights. It has been nurtured, created to provoke a response from fans. It goes through stages, there’s a storyline ingrained, it’s punchy and raw. There’s also a grittiness paved throughout the album, strips of darkness colliding with the light. Leading man Jesse Lacey sings with purpose throughout this magnum opus. He sneers too, pushing his voice, using it as tool to connect to the masses. His song-writing ability is sublime, he weaves words and places them to shock. The structure, the instrumentals properly engineered. The guitars shake the ground, they’re played with authority.

Science Fiction is a masterful contribution from Brand New. It’s an album truly rooted in wonder. Songs such as “Could Never Be Heaven” and “Out Of Mana” play on the mind. They have both been constructed as songs to evoke, to bend the rules. Also, tracks like “No Control” and “Batter Up” provide arresting vocals and brilliant wordplay. These songs offer up a connection for the listeners, a chance for them to see inside the word of this mysterious but emphatic act. And Brand New are fearless. They have created something disturbing, but that’s okay, they’ve bridged the gap and have pushed the boundaries.

Words: Mark MacConville
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