Cane Hill – Smile


Cane Hill - Smile (Rise Records) 2016


Cane Hill are a product of this new sick and troubled America, where a group of individuals in all this decay are able to rise some freakiness into this whole bullshit slavery zombie society, perhaps this is what we all need, a good shake! Somewhere between Marilyn Manson’s Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death), Korn’s Life is Peachy and Slipknot’s Iowa, Cane Hill are bringing chaos back and some clarity into heavy music, their goal is quite obvious and they’re not taking prisoners, they’re going direct to the jugular and violently shaking the whole music industry. Elijah Witt’s powerful vocals bring some sickness and multiple twists into Cane Hill’s savage, feral and intense statement. Smile sounds fresh and old, a modern take on 90’s nu-metal golden years that is far from sounding dated whatsoever. “With celebrity worship, a racist/homophobic/misogynist prick as a republican candidate, and unrivaled violence widespread, it’s time for this country to get a facelift” – well Elijah you nailed it, enough said.

Words by Fausto Casais
For Fans Of: Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Korn
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