Citizen – As You Please


Citizen - As You Please (Run For Cover) 2017


Not saying that As You Please is a complete departure from Everybody Is Going To Heaven, but it’s for sure the perfect manifestation of their sound evolution, especially in terms of songwriting. It’s really impressive the way they take the best elements of Everybody Is Going To Heaven and cynically push their own dynamics forward, effortlessly shifting from devastating to confrontational, beautiful but still devastating.

As You Please is more expansive and ambitious, their ability to constantly reinvent themselves is outstanding, always bringing new levels of intensity and some refinement to the band’s back catalogue. Even if you get the impression that they’re more slow and mellow, they still create a kaleidoscope of sound, with the sum of the parts making some kind of indie manifesto as rough around the edges as it is freaking diverse.

The idea of progression and change might be hard to take for some fans, but you should already know that these dudes don’t stick to a sound for too long, but with As You Please it seems that they’ve achieved the perfect balance.

Words: Fausto Casais
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