Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms


Creeper - Eternity, In Your Arms (Roadrunner Records) 2017


Creeper are a band which have lit up the punk scene with a brand of honest, story driven, songs put together beautifully. The Southampton act, serve up Eternity, In Your Arms, an album solidifying their impact and genuine talent. It’s also a record of masterful substance, layer upon layer showcasing belief and song-writing excellence. There’s dark fables bubbling throughout the opus too, with words building scenes and love creating drama. And love seems to cause havoc, burning hope kick-starting niggling pain. To be truthful, the album is stunning, and the punk edged guitar lines intertwine wonderfully with the sneering vocals on tracks including “Suzanne” and “Darling”. But, it’s a soft track that burns brightly. “Crickets” is the song which cools the album down and bursts open the banks. Truly astounding!

Words: Mark McConville
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