Crippled Black Phoenix – Bronze


Crippled Black Phoenix - Bronze (Season Of Mist) 2016


Have you ever wondered what would make a good soundtrack for those moments of chaos? Those moments that you can’t gather your thoughts and everything flies by you? Look no further, Bronze is just the ticket. In his sixth album, multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves has crafted some of the most beautiful genre-crossing compositions of his career and despite the various influences and experimentations – from blues elements to doom-laden riffs – Bronze is still a masterpiece of simplicity. It doesn’t feel cluttered and it doesn’t try too hard to make a post-rock statement. Murky melodies, lamentations, tender moments, soul-piercing vocals weave a web that will take over your brain for weeks to come. Don’t spend another second without this album in your life.

Words: Anastasia Psarra
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