Crossfaith – Xeno


Crossfaith - Xeno (UNFD) 2015


Frenetic, intense and fucking insane, there are no limits and such thing as boundaries that these dudes won’t break. Xeno is a conceptual album, a story about hope, failure, love, betrayal, a world where it’s impossible to tell where truth ends and fiction begins, clearly with roots in manga and anime. Everything is fucked, the world is fucked up and slavery is here to stay, we all just need to resist, never back down and fight for what we believe, this is Xeno motto, quite cool, right? Crossfaith really nailed it, each song represents a different emotion and there is plenty to meditate after several and intensive listenings of Xeno. Along the way with their metalcore pedigree esque, Xeno has its own stylistic sound, from that classic Nintendo game sounds to rap metal, house music and even some emo bites, all fueled by Kenta Koie screaming and melodic esque. By the way, Caleb Shomo gives a hand in the infectious “Ghost in the Mirror” and Benji from Skindred makes us dance and bounce in “Wildfire”. Xeno is unique and diverse, the sound of modern mashup metal.

Words by Fausto Casais
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